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Patriots standing up to the MACHINE

McDaniels Do it Best
Published:2021-08-13 Local
Patriots standing up to the MACHINE    Print Snohomish Times    
Patriots standing up to the MACHINE

Dylan Burns

Today in America we face a choice, between the freedom that we were granted by our creator or medical tyranny being handed down from unelected bureaucrats and run away politicians...all in the name of safety. 


The idea that one would have to take an experimental drug that is untested and proving to be extremely dangerous just to earn a living, or be able to travel freely and enjoy their lives is appalling. 


All of these mandates, all of these rules, all of these closures, all of these restrictions are not about a virus with a survival rate of 99.8%


In reality, it's about controlling every aspect of your life by restricting your freedoms in the name of safety.  


Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would trade essential liberties for safety, deserve neither."


If we don't stand now & fight for our freedom our children will pay the price by having their entire life dictated to them by government mandates.


The ideals of liberty and self determination that have made America the greatest nation on the Earth, where people from all over the world strive to live & be free will become a land very similar to communist China.


America will become a place where a select few elitists dictate to the masses how they will live evey aspect of their life, as those in power continue to live their lives as they always have.   


I hope others will wake up to this fact and stop swallowing the lies that have created this mass hysteria and realize that dangerous freedom is much more valuable then being kept safe as a slave.

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