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PUD Arlington Microgrid Goes Live

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Published:2021-07-14 Business
PUD Arlington Microgrid Goes Live    Print Snohomish Times    
PUD Arlington Microgrid Goes Live

This month, the PUD is energizing its innovative Arlington Microgrid and Clean Energy Center. Located near the Arlington Airport, the new project employs state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate the multiple uses of energy storage, including grid resiliency, renewable energy integration, grid support and electric vehicle integration.


Think of the Arlington Microgrid as a clean energy generator with a day job. When connected to the grid, the system will send power generated by the 500-kilowatt solar array on site to PUD customers. But if the microgrid is “islanded” and independent from the grid, it will have the ability to provide electricity to critical PUD facilities in the event of a storm or natural disaster.


To help fund the project, the PUD was granted $3.5 million in funding from the Washington state Clean Energy Fund, covering over a quarter of the project’s costs.


Here’s a look at the components of the Arlington Microgrid and Clean Energy Center:



Battery Storage

The 1 megawatt/1.4 megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery storage system can store enough energy to power 30 homes for a full day. Powered by the on-site solar array, the battery will be able to power critical PUD facilities when the sun’s not shining or wind’s not blowing.


V2G Charging

Two vehicle-to-grid, or V2G, charging stations will allow PUD fleet vehicles to not only receive a charge but flow power back on to the grid. The PUD collaborated with Mitsubishi to build the two charging stations, which are the nation’s first grid-integrated V2G charging stations.




Clean Energy Center

The multi-use facility will use interactive exhibits and displays focused on renewable energy, battery storage and energy efficiency to educate industry and community members and students.


Community Solar

The 500-kilowatt solar array not only provides clean energy to power the battery storage system, but it expands access to solar power through the PUD’s Community Solar program.


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