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  • Largest Snohomish Photo Gallery
  • Official Google News Publisher
  • Snohomish Sports Video & Photos
  • Snohomish Business Friendly
  • Better Variety of Contributors
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  • Bing/Yahoo Google Promotions
  • Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Direct Contact with Local Legislators

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  • Do all major media sites price by impressions not clicks? Yes
    • Buying media from online media sources is similar to TV, Radio and Print.
    • It's all about the number of Ads being printed, displayed or broadcast.
    • Some print media providers give away 'Time' based ads online to entice
      advertisers to use their print services in an attempt to compete with Digital Media.

  • Do you provide a report showing impressions served and clicks? Yes
    • However, in the case of 3rd party ad tags, we do not receive click data.
      The click data is gathered by your 3rd party ad provider.

  • How fast can you start running my ad?
    • We can have it up and running the same day we receive it.

  • Does the ad have to link to my web site? No
    • We can deep-link it to any internet location.

Display Ad Structure:

  • Ads are randomly shown 1 of 5 (unless otherwise noted)

  • We currently average 100k+ visitors a month plus media direct views averaging 21k.

  • 1000 impressions could last 1 days if you only use a single ad size.
    • Hours if you use all the ad sizes at the same time.

  • 10,000 impressions could last 3-5 days if you only use a single ad size.
    • 1-3 days if you use all the ad sizes at the same time.

  • Purchasing ad space by the impression
    • It doesn't matter how many ad sizes you use at one time.
    • One size lasts longer but shown less
    • All sizes at once or multiple versions of one size will be seen more but used up quicker.
The Snohomish Times Newspaper
has a very loyal following.

The stories, photos, opinion and focused local coverage has readers returning for more.

For the Week Ending May 12th
Top 10 City Visits % Visits
1. Seattle 3,903
2. Snohomish 2,522
3. Everett 2,027
4. Lynnwood 1,754
5. Mountlake Terrace 400
6. Olympia 382
7. Bothell 354
8. Portland 348
9. Marysville 346
10. Bellevue 330

The web trends that you see to the
right shows the trends of our visitors.

The summer events and prep football
coverage is a big boost to our web traffic.

The Snohomish Times has grown from
a very basic beginning in 2006 of only
500 visitors a week to more then 20
times that in January 2010.

As of January 2011 we are the
number one online newspaper
East Snohomish County Sky Valley.

Reader Profile:

  • Median Age - 45
  • Median Income - 72k
  • Male Readers - 59%
  • Female Readers -41%
  • Conservative - 59%
  • Home Owners - 73%
  • College Degree - 67%
  • Employed last 12m - 82%

*Polling Data as of Jan 2011