Snohomish County keeping Neighborhoods Beautiful

Tuesday, May 09, 2023
Snohomish County keeping Neighborhoods Beautiful

We caught up with a @snocounty road crew while they were giving the trees in Outlook Ridge a haircut. This is the first trimming for these trees just off Seattle Hill Road in Snohomish.

This crew was exceptional in their attention to detail and relating to home-owners concerns. They were very careful to not damage the aesthetics and character of each tree.

They explained they needed to trim the trees to allow larger trucks through the neighborhood including @SnoRegionalFire trucks. Pruning young trees to build strong structure is critical to growing a healthy mature tree and avoiding dangerous or unsightly limb loss.

5 other reasons to prune your trees:


  • Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy components.
  • Prevention and treatment of disease.
  • Encourages fruit production.
  • Dead branches and overgrowth pose a considerable risk.
  • It allows you to see your surroundings better.


This Snohomish County crew was very professional, hardworking, and ambitious crew, we enjoyed talking to them. @snocoparks @SnoCoPW