PUD Assistance Program for New Construction

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
PUD Assistance Program for New Construction

EVERETT, Wash. – Snohomish County PUD has launched a program to help new buildings such as medical facilities, apartments and office buildings be constructed in a manner that maximizes energy efficiency.
The Energy Design Assistance program provides a variety of incentives and design assistance to promote energy-efficient construction of new buildings. Some of the program benefits include:
• Performance-based incentives for highly energy-efficient buildings
• Design team stipend
• Potential additional incentives for all-electric buildings
“By incentivizing energy efficiency prior to construction, we can maximize energy efficiency and cost-savings over the life of a project,” said Jeff Feinberg, Manager Energy Services. “The PUD is proud to offer this assistance so that our community can benefit from new housing, services or job centers that can keep costs lower by meeting higher standards of energy efficiency. We know that making this investment upfront, prior to construction, saves money for our customers in the long-term and helps the PUD best manage energy resources.”
Commercial, industrial & multifamily buildings are all potentially eligible for the program. All projects must be pre-approved, and all savings will be verified by the PUD.
Developers are encouraged to contact the program in the design development phase of the project. However, assistance may still be available into the bid stage.
This program is provided by Willdan for Snohomish PUD. More information is available at, or by contacting or 877-938-1588